How Your Business Saves Money with Corporate Housing in Toronto

December 21, 2012

If you need to send an employee to Toronto temporarily for business then things can get very costly very quickly. Food costs and transportation costs alone can really add up. Interestingly enough, one of the ways that you can help compensate for these costs is with corporate housing. In fact, you can greatly cut expenses by going with corporate housing over hotels. Let’s take a look how…

Corporate housing is less expensive initially.

When it comes to the length of stay when compared to hotels, corporate housing costs less. Because you are committing to a longer stay the renter can charge less per day. Generally, you end up spending 25% to 40% with corporate housing than you do with hotels.

Hotels usually have hidden costs, as opposed to corporate housing.

Basic amenities like laundry are typically not included with hotel pricing. The same goes for other necessities for travelling business people like internet. With corporate housing all of these costs are almost always included, saving your business money.

Your business saves on food costs.

Eating out all month can get very expensive very quickly. Since your business traveller does not have to eat out every night you save money in terms of food costs.

The secret source of savings: productivity.

It has actually been shown through studies that business travellers who stay in furnished apartments are markedly more productive than those who stay in hotels. This is because those when someone stays in corporate housing, they are in a much more home-like environment and therefore are more rested than those who stay in hotels. This increase in productivity is, of course, much better for business overall. 

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