Let us make your landlord experience stress-free

We’re eager to collaborate with landlords looking for a stress-free leasing experience. We take care of everything – no more worrying about late payments, evicting tenants, or other issues. If you have a property that you would like to discuss leasing, please feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

We Are Trustworthy

With over 19 years in the furnished suites and housing industry, we have cemented our stellar reputation as a AAA tenant. No more worrying about delayed or missed payments or evicting tenants. For maximum convenience, we set up automated deposits to your bank account each month.

We Are Experienced

Our dedicated and knowledgeable 20-person team offers ample experience in the hospitality industry and includes members that are CHPA certified. Our Guest Services representatives, available 24/7, are trained corporate housing professionals who are eager to assist you and address your concerns.

We Are Reliable

We highly value the trust that has been placed in us, and our landlords’ peace of mind is our top priority. While regular tenant insurance is $1 million, we offer $5 million in liability insurance. This means your property is insured for up to $5 million.

Proud Member of the Corporate Housing Professionals Association

Mary-am Suites is an active member of the Corporate Housing Professionals Association. The CHPA is a global trade association with a mandate to support corporate housing providers by providing an accreditation system for companies, offering a professional certification program, sharing industry news, and more.

We conduct our business according to the CHPA Code of Ethics, meaning we are transparent in our practices and ensure all aspects of our operations are in line with regulations and laws.

Our membership with the CHPA helps us stay up to date with industry changes and new initiatives. It also helps us stay connected and share experiences with peers worldwide.

The condition of your suite is the pride of our company

We Keep Your Suite Neat and Clean.

We ensure that your suite will have minimal wear and tear and be kept in pristine condition. Weekly and bi-weekly housekeeping visits allow us to monitor your suite frequently.

Frequent Inspections

A member of our professional Guest Services team will carefully conduct pre-arrival and post-departure inspections to ensure your suite is in perfect shape for guests. From the kitchen to bathroom, we pay close attention to every detail.

Preventative Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance team regularly performs preventative work, mitigating the risk of costly repairs. Our guests are mostly professionals, minimizing the potential of wear and tear to your property. Guests can turn to our 24/7 Guest Services phone line to report any issues that will be addressed by our dedicated in-house team.