Benefits of Corporate Housing

When you end your stay with Mary-am Suites, you won’t have to worry about a list of charges that will get tacked onto your bill or having to check out at a certain time. All amenities and utilities are complementary. With the aim of making you feel at home, our furnished apartments are not merely rooms but spacious living quarters unlike hotels.


Our furnished rentals and condominiums range between 600‑1300 square feet, which is considerably larger than your average sized hotel. During an extended stay, the extra leg room definitely comes in handy. The spacious rooms allow guests to easily settle in and organize their belongings.


Dollar for dollar, our furnished apartments offer you a lot more than hotels. We offer all-inclusive rates that give you the peace of mind that the price we’ve quoted you is the price you’ll pay in the end. There are no surprises or hidden expenses.


At Mary-am Suites, we want you to feel more like a settled home dweller rather than a hotel guest. Our generously sized furnished apartments are more than just “nice” places to stay during your absence from home; they offer a relaxed, comfortable and pressure-free living environment suited for any type of guest including single occupant, couples or families.


In contrast to a typical hotel room, our suites feature multiple rooms for added privacy. Need an extra room for your child or children? Or do you need a roomy office equipped with a reliable Internet connection? Our suites fulfill all your privacy needs.


Our affordable all-inclusive price incorporates many of the amenities otherwise charged by hotels. Hotel bills often do not reflect the exact amount a guest was initially offered, as many items are added to a bill. Our guest services, furnishings, features, and added “extras” (see Why Chose Mary-am Suites?) deliver exceptional amenities for an all-inclusive rate.

Geographical Diversity

Whereas the bulk of hotels are concentrated in the city, we offer a variety of corporate housing options (condominiums, apartments and homes) outside the busy downtown core too. Are you looking for a cozy two-bedroom in the suburbs? We have something for you for a peaceful and quiet stay.

Obligatory Fees

Hotels often inflate their rates to accommodate services such as continental breakfast. In contrast, furnished apartments do not impose indirect costs on their guests. Put simply, you pay for what you consume.