5 Reasons to go With Corporate Housing in Toronto

August 29, 2012

The advantages of Luxury Corporate Housing over Extended Stay Hotels

Being away from home while on business can be tough, especially if you have to be gone for a long period of time. It’s not just being in a new location, it’s also the change in lifestyle that comes with traveling.   If you’re in Toronto for business for a month or two (or more) you would be much better off going  with luxury corporate housing rather than staying at an extended stay hotel. Corporate Housing in Toronto has a number of advantages over extended stays, and going with luxury corporate housing can feel like, to coin that classic saying, a home away from home. So if it is your destination, here are a few reasons why you should consider going withcorporate housing in Toronto.

You get more options with corporate housing 

You often get more options when it comes to the style of a corporate apartment or how that apartment is furnished. Also, while extended stay hotels are usually located in major metropolitan areas, corporate housing can often be found in different types of locations.

You feel more at home in a corporate apartment 

Typically with corporate housing you get amenities like washers and dryers in the unit, as well as an actual kitchen to cook in. Being able to have a home cooked meal does a world of good combating homesickness.

One word: Space

You get much more of it with a luxury corporate housing unit than you would at an extended stay hotel.  During brief trips space is not as big a priority, but if you are spending a long period of time

It makes more sense, money wise, to go with a corporate apartment 

While it may sound expensive, renting luxury corporate housing in Toronto is actually a very good value. That’s because in a hotel you are paying for things like a gym (which you may very well not even use) or restaurants.  Because corporate housing typically doesn’t have these things they can keep their prices reasonable.

You can make it a family adventure

With a fully furnished luxury corporate apartment you have the option to bring the whole family along with you, or at the very least have them visit you for a few days. This has the effect of turning a business trip into full on family adventure.

If you are interested in more information on the advantages of staying in a corporate apartment, including how they compare with hotels we have that available for you. Also, if you have some great testimonials with corporate apartments in Toronto please share in the comments below.