Why Furnished Apartments are Better Alternatives to Extended Stay Hotels

December 21, 2012

Need a place to stay while your family’s house is being remodeled? Or perhaps you need a residence while in Toronto for several months due to business. Maybe you are moving to Toronto and need a place to stay while you are relocating to Toronto? There is any number of reasons why you would need a home away from home and if you find yourself in this situation it is typically better to go with furnished apartments rather than extended stay hotels, especially if you plan on staying there for more than a few weeks.

Room to Breath

Perhaps the biggest advantage that makes furnished apartments a better alternative to hotels is that there are more rooms and therefore more privacy if it is more than just you who will be staying there. Should you be bringing the family, everyone is going to need their own space. When they do it leads to a much more harmonious living arrangement, making the whole living situation all the more pleasant.

Keep Your Lifestyle

In addition to privacy, you gain the advantage of not having a dramatic change in your home lifestyle. Always cook a huge breakfast for the family on Saturday morning? While that would be hard to do in a hotel room with no kitchen, with a furnished apartment it’s easy. Since a furnished apartment is more like a typical home, you can maintain your regular routine.

The Price

On top of the fact that the overall price for staying in a hotel is almost always more expensive for the same period of stay over furnished apartments, there is also the hidden costs. Eating out all the time and doing your laundry at on off-site Laundromat is just a couple of examples of these hidden costs. Staying in a furnished apartment helps to curb such costs.

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