5 New Year’s Resolutions That are Easy to Keep with Short-Term Rentals

January 16, 2018

Attain a Healthy Weight

Let’s start with one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: being fit.  There are a number of misconceptions about losing and maintaining a healthy weight. These misconceptions along with trends and fads truly make it hard to accomplish this tricky resolution. While you may be able to start your year off by dropping a few pounds, maintaining that weight is usually harder than shedding them.

Once you have a goal, you’ll need to set attainable checkpoints. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to commit to an expensive gym, or sacrifice hours getting there everyday. Furnished rentals at Mary-am Suites offer on-site fitness facilities making it easy to pick a convenient time and exercise that works for you and your schedule.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to cut all your favourites out of your life, you’ll just need to adjust your menu. Start with easy changes like swapping your white rice for brown, and leaving sugar out of your coffee. It’s also beneficial to add whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins to your meal. This will keep you fuller for longer.

Remember, it’s never a good idea to skip a meal. Skipping meals can harm your body and actually contribute to weight gain. If you’re away from your usual home, there’s no excuse as all furnished apartments at Mary-am Suites have fully equipped kitchens so you can easily whip up healthier meals that will assist in maintaining a healthy diet, weight, and lifestyle.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

If you have a busy schedule, we understand how difficult it can be to get a full night’s rest. Even if you do get to bed on time, a lot of us tend to take some of that time to catch up on news, tweets, or videos. Getting a full night’s sleep is very important to our functionality and overall health, and a lot of us aren’t getting the full 7 to 9 hours of sleep our bodies need to perform.

Staying in a furnished rental at Mary-am Suites ensure a good night’s rest thanks to the large queen and king mattresses as well as the comfortable high-quality bedding provided in every suite. Get the rest your mind and body deserves.


Speaking of resting, some R&R is extremely important in achieving an overall healthy lifestyle. It can be easy to avoid giving ourselves ‘me-time’ and neglect relaxation to get our long list of tasks completed. This will only leave both your mind and body haggard, reducing your overall productivity altogether.

When you check-in to a furnished rental at Mary-am Suites, it won’t be hard to let all your worries drift away. You’ll be able to take advantage of amenities like saunas, swimming pools,  and whirlpools to let all the stress melt away. If you need a more active distraction, starting a billiard game or using the on-site game rooms will allow you to focus your mind and energy on other things so you can give yourself a much needed break.

Connect and Re-Connect

We don’t mean to keep checking your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Thanks to technology and social media, it’s not often we get to enjoy a physical interaction with our friends and loved ones. Humans are social creatures, and spending all your time communicating through text, email or video takes away the valuable moments we could be spending with each other.

Set a time and use the party and recreational rooms included in the rentals at Mary-am Suites to organize a get-together for your friends or family. Or, use the rooftop patios to organize a BBQ so you can soak up some Vitamin D along with sharing a few laughs with friends.