The Best Places to Walk in Toronto

April 1, 2016

It is often said that the best workout is the workout you’ll actually do. For many, exercising can be boring and monotonous, so why not change up your exercise routine by going for a walk.  Toronto is a beautiful city with many unique neighbourhoods and peaceful parks. We outline some of our choices for the best walking areas in Toronto. 

The Beaches:

A popular escape for Torontonians, The Beaches is a beautiful Toronto neighbourhood known for colourful, cottage-like houses and extensive boardwalk. Take a stroll along the boardwalk which provides a breathtaking view of Lake Ontario. If you enjoy shopping, Queen Street East is close by and features many specialty shops.

High Park:

Toronto’s largest public park, High Park, is an excellent place to go for a walk. There are many hiking trails to enjoy, each featuring beautiful scenery and natural wildlife. If you are walking with the kids, there are a number of playgrounds along the way. High Park also has a zoo, which is free and great fun for the entire family.

The Harbourfront:

If you’re looking for excitement, look no further than the Harbourfront. No matter when you visit the Harbourfront, it always seems like there is something going on. With no shortage of street performers, restaurants, shops, and trails, your walk is sure to be fun-filled and entertaining.

The Eaton Centre:

If shopping is your thing, why not visit the Eaton Centre. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, shopping at the Eaton Centre’s 250+ stores is a good way to get some exercise, especially in bad weather.

Casa Loma:

Another indoor walking destination, Casa Loma is an elegant residence constructed in the 1900’s that has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies. Explore the decorated suites, secret passages, 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables, and beautiful 5-acre estate gardens. Casa Loma is sure to impress.

Now you have five of our favourite places to walk in Toronto. Visiting some of these places will be an easy way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without the monotony of running on a treadmill. Toronto is a beautiful city, full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

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