Short Term Rental or Extended Stay in Toronto: A Matter of Amenities

February 19, 2013

It’s pretty well known that one of the things that separate a short term rental apartment from an extended stay in Toronto is that the short term is going to feel more like home. But what makes it feel more like a home? Well, space is certainly a factor, and having separate rooms definitely helps. That being said, what really helps make short term rentals feel more like a home is all of the little details that they have. Wherever you stay, the amenities you have help to define your experience. It isn’t just about having more amenities, either, it’s about the little things. If you are trying to choose between an extended stay in Toronto or alternatively a short term rental, then you should keep amenities in mind.

The Basics

One of the key differences between an extended stay and a short term rental is that with the short term rental you can actually live like you would at home. You normally get an in unit washer and dryer when you go with a short term rental. You also get a kitchen, meaning you can actually cook your own food, which is a definite plus when you get sick of eating out every night.

Those Little Details

While many short term rental places offer the basic amenities, there a number of things that you may forget that you need (or didn’t even know that you needed in the first place). For example, if you are traveling for work, then you should make sure that your short terms rental unit has a least a desk or workstation. Some places even offer apartments with a printer/fax machine in it. Also, make sure to ask if the kitchen has basic cookware like pots, pans, and utensils. Most places have these in their unit, but not all of them do. Whether or not you plan to do your own cleaning or if you will rely on housekeeping, you should still check to see if they have thing like cleaning supplies, especially a vacuum.

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