Looking For Furnished Apartments in Toronto? Better Ask About Furnishings…

March 28, 2013

One of the simple things that often gets overlooked when deciding on corporate housing is how well furnished the apartment is. Most of the time when you are looking into corporate housing, you just verify that it is furnished and move on to other questions. This can often lead to surprise or disappointment when you actually enter your temporary apartment for the first time. Perhaps the apartment doesn’t have everything you thought it would or maybe the furniture is dated or just plain ugly. These wouldn’t necessarily be a big deal if you were only staying for a few days -you can just tough it out. When you are staying for several weeks or perhaps months, however, this becomes a more significant issue. While you are making your search for the right furnished apartments in the Toronto area, you should always make it a point to look into how well furnished the apartment is.

Enquire About the Type of the Furniture

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be stuck for two months in a corporate apartment with dated, unappealing furniture. You should be wary of any place that doesn’t advertise the type of furnishings they have. Is it traditional? Modern? Upscale? If you are looking for furnished apartments in Toronto, then make it a point to ask the representative what type of furniture is in the specific apartment you are inquiring about. Just because there are pictures on a website of ultra-high-end furniture, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of their suites include this furniture.

Find Out What You Are Getting

When you hear the term “fully furnished” you tend to have a set of expectations as to what that involves. What is actually included may not be what you think. Many places that offer furnished apartments in Toronto will have some sort of list that defines what furniture is included with a specific suite. If they don’t, then make it a point to ask a representative. Most people tend to look at the basics like the size of the bed, but it is good to ask whether they have other things like a washer and dryer, a full couch, and a dining set.

At Mary-Am Suites, we offer modern, fully furnished apartments along with an excellent set of amenities. If you are interested in checking into availability, please visit our inquiry form.