Living and Working in Toronto

November 20, 2015

Toronto has a population of 2.7 Million, and if you take into consideration the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), that number goes up to 6 Million. Even so Toronto has consistently ranked high on all the quality of living indexes

Strong and Growing Economy

Being the financial and commercial capital of the country, Toronto has a strong job market. It was included in the top ten list of the “World’s most Economically Powerful Cities” by Forbes Magazine, this should say it all. If you have a technologically inclined career, Toronto is where you want to be as it has North America’s third largest concentration of IT companies. The first being San Francisco and the second New york.  While looking for a job you can stay at a temporary but fully furnished apartments which come with all the facilities you need for a successful job hunt.

Great School and Universities

Schools on Toronto are similar to school in many other places what makes them great is the exposure students get to diverse cultures and ethnicities. Learning the way of the world rather than just the North American way. Toronto is also home to some of the best universities, namely York University, especially their business school (Schulich School of Business– Ranked #1 in Canada) and University of Toronto, known for their Financial and Engineering Programs.

Entertainment and Activities

Weather you are in to the art scene, music concerts, sports, food, shopping or summer festivals, there is something for everyone. There are some of the best museums and hundreds of art galleries in Toronto. Live Theater is always an option and because of the strong diversity here you can be adventures when you choose to eat out!

There is always something going on every weekend throughout the year, but in summer the city comes alive with multiple festivals and events going on simultaneously. You can never run out options for things to do. In addition, making your way around toronto is easy because of the accessible transit system which spans a large area. If the train doesn’t go there, a bus surely does.

Low Crime Rate

Crime rate in Toronto continues to reduce. In 2013 the crime rate reduced by 3% as compared to 2011. Not just that but the Crime severity index tell us that the actual severity of the crimes are also on a downward trend. So when you come to Toronto and are lining in a fully furnished apartment in Downtown Toronto, you can rest assured that you are in a safe neighbourhood.

Now, that being said, there is always a few spots where the crime is more prevalent. It is advisable to know what locations have higher crime rates and steer clear from these neighbourhoods, especially when you are not yet familiar with your surrounding areas. Check out crime rates for all neighbourhoods here.

All in all, Toronto is not just a great place to work and further your career, but a wonderful and eventful place to live and enjoy your life. And truly what’s the point in having a flourishing career when you can’t enjoy your life to the fullest. Get both here in Toronto!

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