How To Make The Best Selection For Your Extended Stay in Toronto

June 14, 2016

Whether you are in between houses or in town for business, an extended stay in Toronto can be your ideal home away from home. From afar, you may not be convinced that a furnished apartment can replicate the setup of your actual home. You may have doubts that your furnished apartment won’t be cozy or provide the comforts of your own home. Fortunately, there are many pointers to keep in mind to help ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

1. Choose an extended stay with a separate bedroom and living space

Extended furnished apartment stays have a variety of setups. Some apartments are designed like a studio apartment whereas others are similar to a one-bedroom apartment. If you are wanting additional space, looking for a room with separate living and sleeping quarters is a good move. This means you won’t have to worry about the amount of items you pack since you’ll have ample space to spread out your belongings. Further, if you are visiting Toronto for business purposes, this provides a separation between your work and bedroom space…->

2. See different suites

It is advised to visit different properties before deciding on a specific furnished apartment. Mary-am Suites provides guided viewings that work around your schedule. Come prepared with a notepad and a list of questions that weren’t answered online. We also recommend viewing more than one property. Though there are many property pictures available on the Mary-am Suites website, your decision can be influenced once you physically see a place. Mary-am Suites staff are happy to answer any of your questions regarding the properties.

3. Research building amenities

Amenities are an important consideration to enhance your living conditions in Toronto. For instance, does the property have an indoor swimming pool for rest and relaxation, or a fitness facility for routine workouts? These are important considerations if you won’t be spending much time outside the building. Additionally, if you are traveling with guests, this offers easy entertainment. You will also want to consider what amenities are nearby to the property? Is there a nearby grocery store to stock up your kitchen? Are there local Toronto restaurants for a nice night out?

Mary-am Suites furnished apartments are designed to provide the home away from home you have in mind. By following these above suggestions, it is easy to make this home a reality and have a memorable sta.