Mary-am Suites: The Affordable Choice for Furnished Apartment Rentals in North York

October 31, 2012

North York has seen a lot of development over these past few years. The area was already growing, but since the coming of the Yonge subway line, it has seen much more rapid expansion. If you find yourself needing a place to stay in North York then you should consider a furnished apartment by Mary-am Suites, as they have some of the best options in the district. One of the biggest reasons to go with Mary-am is because you can be confident that you are getting a great price for a great apartment. In fact, if you are looking for affordable furnished apartment rentals in North York, you can’t do any better than Mary-am Suites.

Built on Value

The value of Mary-am suites comes from its customer service and the variety of complimentary amenities that they offer. In terms of service, you have a 24-hour a day customer service line in which you can reach a real human being who can take care of your needs. You also have a guest services representative walk you through your apartment when you arrive. As for amenities, you get free local calls, free cable and unlimited internet in your room. You can also get access to great additional perks such as health facilities, a billiard room, and a sauna.

“Mary-am Match”

Mary-am Suites stands by its prices. If you happen to be comparing prices and find that a major competitor has a better price for the same timeframe of your visit, then Mary-am will match the price. They won’t create a fuss about it, or make you feel embarrassed for asking. Instead they will simply get you taken care of. This way, you can be confident you have the best price for your apartment.

Convinced Mary-am Suites is the right choice for furnished apartment rentals in North York? Then get in contact with us by visiting our contact page.