COVID-19 Update for Guests

Bringing Everyone Along? Consider Short Term Rentals For Family Travel

October 22, 2012

If by chance you are going to be staying in Toronto for a few weeks, you certainly have some options when it comes to housing. The challenge is deciding what type of housing is best when you need to bring your family along. There are many more factors that you have to keep in mind when it comes to family travel, and not every type of housing solution is family friendly. For those who find themselves having trouble deciding which option to go with, we recommend short term rentals for family travel. It is the best way to keep your loved ones happy while staying in Toronto.

Family Friendly Accomodations

You Get More Room to Breathe 

The truth is that families require more space than a hotel suite can provide. Kids need room to play in and parents need space to relax in. Short terms apartments are more spread out, meaning everyone gets their own space, which leads to a more harmonious living arrangement. Moreover, short term rentals let families really unpack and settle in, so you won’t have to be living out of a suitcase throughout your stay in Toronto.

You Get a More Home Like Living Situation

In additional to space, a short term apartment acts more like a home away from home, which is especially important if you are bringing the family along with you. Take for example the fact that with a furnished apartment you get a kitchen, which means that you won’t have to go out to eat every night. Aside from the fact that eating out with the entire family can be expensive, it can also be exhausting and not always healthy. Another benefit to families is the fact that with a furnished apartment you can get an in-unit washer and dryer, which is especially helpful when your little ones inevitably get their clothes dirty.

If you’re looking into short term rentals for family travel in Toronto, then Mary-Am Suites is a great option for you. You can find out more by visiting their contact page.


Mary-am Suites - COVID-19 Update for Guests

Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to protect our team members and guests as the situation continues to evolve.

Business Continuity

Our first step was to invoke our Business Continuity Plan. We are entirely digital and do not rely on any manual processes. We are also completely cloud-based and diversified through our use of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Our office team is mobile-ready and has access to all critical infrastructure, including our cloud-based phone and booking systems. Rest assured - we are prepared to continue serving you.

Flexible Cancellations

For any new reservations booked directly with us, and until April 30, 2020, the booking can be cancelled at any time before arrival and with no cancellation fee.

New Arrivals

Toronto Public Health announced enhanced measures to protect the public on March 13, 2020, and are currently in effect until April 5, 2020. Anyone who has travelled from anywhere outside Canada, including the United States, is asked to self-isolate and avoid contact with others for 14 days.

For All Stays

Weekly Touch Up Service

For your safety and ours, weekly touch up service is cancelled until April 30, 2020. We encourage guests to utilize the ensuite washer and dryer to launder their linens and towels. For guests wishing to receive fresh linens, please send a request through Guest Services, and we will arrange to pick up your used linens (left in a bag at the front door inside the suite) and drop off fresh linen for you to use.

Our Commitment to High Cleaning Standards

We have always utilized commercial hospitality-grade cleaning procedures and supplies. We use specialized chemicals for different surfaces to ensure optimal disinfection. We also use new gloves and separate microfibre cleaning cloths for each suite to prevent cross-contamination. Any linens or cleaning cloths supplies by us have been professionally sanitized at a large commercial laundry facility.

Suite Visits by Guest Services & Maintenance

Until April 30, 2020, we will not conduct any suite tours for prospective guests, nor will any of our Maintenance or Guest Services team members visit occupied suites for any issues other than those relating to essential services.

We recognize that these are challenging times. Like many before it, this too will pass, and together we will get through it. Know that we are working around the clock to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay. We remain at your service 24/7 should you have any questions or concerns.

Yours in hospitality.

Mary-am Suites