24/7 Real Person Customer Service

August 4, 2012

Far too often, corporate guests and travellers encounter problems when they arrive at short term rentals in Toronto during non-business hours. Flight delays and unforeseen tie-ups are common aspects of the travel experience, and when clients arrive at the door in the middle of the night, the experience can be inconvenient and disorienting. Under these circumstances, nothing feels more welcoming or provides greater peace of mind than 24 hour access to a real human voice.

Most serviced apartments in Toronto provide an on-call rep to handle off-hours customer issues, but these services are typically in place for emergencies only. Here at Mary-am Suites, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our client experience, and we take guest comments seriously. Our research tells a clear story: guests are happier when they can access full services, ask questions, and receive detailed answers at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

We provide clean, comfortable, and spacious suites to accommodate temporary housing needs in Toronto, and we offer our suites at competitive and affordable rates. But we don’t stop there. We also go out of our way to make our guests feel welcome. That means providing information, availability, and excellent customer service, no matter the hour. Our guests appreciate our attention to detail, and chances are you will too.

If you’re planning an extended stay in the Toronto area, reach out to Mary-am Suites for information about available rental units. And if you’re welcoming an employee, client, or visitor for the short term and you need a high-quality furnished apartment in Toronto, contact our office. You may not be awake at all hours to take care of your guest, but we will be. Let us help you make a great impression.