Ready to Live Short Term Rentals in Toronto for College Students

May 28, 2013

If you are a college student moving to Toronto for a few months, short term rentals in Toronto will be your best option for accommodation. The tag price is budget-friendly and since most of these rentals are ready to move-in properties, you save yourself the hassle of setting up your temporary home away from home.

Aside from affordability, these rental properties are often ideally located a few minutes from the campus and other important establishments. Once you have settled in, make sure you check out the neighbourhood  Also do your research so you know where to go in case you are hungry, sick, or in need of some basic supplies. Below are some places you should look up when moving in to a short term rental.

Pharmacy and Grocery Store

If you are lucky enough, you will find a pharmacy within a grocery store just near your new living space. You might have actually driven or walked past it. You should definitely be aware of your surrounding resources, and know where to go in case you need some toothpaste, toilet paper, medicines, or bacon!

Hospital or 24-hour clinic

You will be far away from home and most likely not familiar with Toronto, so make sure you look for a hospital or 24-hour clinic near short term rentals in Toronto. Knowing where to go in case of accidents or future illnesses will make you feel more secure.

Nearby Restaurants

When considering short term rentals in Toronto, you also should check nearby restaurants and pizza delivery. You cannot live off microwave meals for the next few months. You should treat yourself to a good meal and there are many excellent restaurants to choose from in Toronto. Even resorting to pizza delivery will fulfill your hunger during cramming study nights or parties.


Another decision you need to make when moving into short rentals in Toronto will be your exercise routine. If you want to keep fit while in college but cannot do so with simply jogging around campus, you need to look for gyms near your new home. You may want to exercise before classes begin so you can do your cardio, pump some iron, or enjoy yoga to flush out all the stress college brings.

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