Personal Space Ideas in Furnished Apartments in Toronto

June 4, 2013

If you will be staying in one of the furnished apartments in Toronto, you want to make it feel like a real home. You want to open that door and not feel like you are just another tourist in a wonderful city you want to explore.

Furnished apartments in Toronto are a lot quieter than hostels and more affordable than hotels. These rental properties are fully equipped for comfort and function. Aside from a comfortable bed where you can rest your tired body, the apartment also comes with a nice kitchen where you can cook your own food to keep the costs down.

You can add some personal flair to your furnished apartment in Toronto and make it your home away from home without breaking the budget by following the tips below:

Blankets, Rugs, and Pillows

To vary the texture you see, you can use rugs, throw pillows, and blankets. Pick interesting patterns and colors to spice up the living space. You can get these items from any department store and they are quite affordable.


It is always nice to see the images of your loved ones all around your apartment. With the advanced technology these days, it might not be practical to place picture frames, but using your tablet or having a digital picture frame will liven up your living room.

Tickle your senses

Set the mood by adding table lamps or floor lamps. You can find different tones, textures, and designs that will add some character to your home. You can also use scented candles or oils to have a familiar scent to your home. Add some music and you will enjoy your stay even better.


You can find inexpensive artwork that can serve as a statement piece for your apartment. You can check local yard sales or shops to find vintage pieces that will perfectly mix with any style.


If you are travelling for business or staying at furnished apartments in Toronto while studying, you can organize your belongings by using colorful boxes. You can match the colors to the overall theme of the house or go for some contrast to make them stand out.

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