Beyond your Luxury Short Term Rentals—North York Local Attractions in Toronto

May 10, 2013

North York is a modern destination for business travellers conveniently situated with easy access to Toronto’s business district. Perhaps you’re a corporate traveller on temporary assignment or even in the process of relocating to the area. Although you have been in Toronto for a couple of weeks, the only places you may have really been are your workplace and temporary home – a furnished suite at short term rentals in the Toronto suburb of North York.  Your luxury accommodations offer a multitude of amenities and services giving you little reason to leave.

But after a couple of weeks of the same routine – work, home, work, home – you may be ready to do something new. So by now, you may be wondering what there is to do in your new neighborhood of North York. You’ll be pleased to know that the community offers visitors a myriad of activities. Here are a few of the top attractions that will encourage you to step out of being in short-term rentals and enjoy the Toronto neighborhood of North York.

Black Creek Pioneer Village: Are you interested in how the early settlers lived? Then, check out the Black Creek Pioneer Village with its 35 restored buildings from the 1860’s.  This village recreates a Victorian-era pioneer life.

Science CenterYou don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate this museum. With more than 800 exhibits, the Ontario Science Center has attracted more than 30 million visitors. This place goes beyond traditional science exhibits. The center has interactive areas that allow visitors to conduct their own experiments!

The Toronto Zoo: With more than 5,000 animals, the Toronto zoo happens to be one of the largest in the world! One popular zoo attraction is the Gorilla Rainforest—the largest Gorilla exhibit in North America.

There are many more exciting areas around North York to explore, which may persuade you to extend your stay at the short term rentals of Avonshire in Toronto. To find out more about staying in the exciting parts of North York, contact us today!