Apps Business Travelers Need to Have

September 10, 2015

Anytime you have to travel for business, keeping track of your itineraries, business expenses, reservations, and more are easier with apps for business travelers. All you need is your smartphone or tablet to take care of all your business needs without having to get out your laptop. Plus, many airlines and car rental companies allow you to use e-boarding passes and e-confirmations to board your plane or pick up your rental car, eliminating the need to print and carry paper copies.

  • Tripit: Organize your travel itinerary and more with this free app for IOS and Android mobile devices. This app allows you to customize and combine bookings for hotels, airline, car rentals, emails, and more to keep track of confirmation numbers. There are premium versions and monthly pay subscription plans if you want to eliminate ads from the app.
  • Google Drive: Manage and edit documents while on the go with this free app. You can update and make changes and collaborate on projects, even while sitting in your hotel, taxi, or the airport.
  • HopStop: In cities with major public transportation systems, this free app makes it easy to obtain bus, train, and subway schedules, as well as operating hours and walking routes to get to stations and bus stops.
  • AroundMe: Looking for a gas station, ATM, or other nearby amenity? This free app uses your current location and GPS navigation to find retailers close by, as well as their contact information and directions.
  • Uber: If you are looking for an alternative to public transport in cities without decent systems, this free app will let you hire a taxi and take advantage of the cash-free payment system.
  • FoodSpotting: Hungry for a particular type of cuisine? This free app helps you find the restaurants offer specific cuisines. You can even search by type of dish and review what others have rated and commented about the restaurants.
  • Hours/TimeLogger: If you need to track work hours these apps make it easy to record your actual hours worked.
  • Wi-Fi Finder: This app is not only free, but also helps you find free Wi-Fi hotspots without using any of your data by using the phone’s GPS.
  • XE Currency: This app is a currency convertor so you can find out current exchange rates and know exactly how much things cost locally.
  • IFTTT Do Button: This free app allows you to take pictures of receipts and add them to your drop box for quick retrieval to recover out-of-pocket business expenses. You will always have a digital copy of your receipts in case you lose the paper ones.

Whether you are traveling across country or internationally, make sure you download and install these apps before departing home. It will make your trip more enjoyable and prevent unexpected data usage charges. In the Greater Toronto Area and other parts Canada and North America, contact Mary-Am Suites at 416-850-6666 today for assistance with affordable short term and alternative corporate housing options besides traditional hotel rooms.