5 Must-See Places During Your Extended Stay In Toronto

June 11, 2013

Toronto is a very diverse and vibrant city. If you are planning to have an extended stay in Toronto, whether for business or pleasure, you will not run out of places to see and things to do.  When you visit this dazzling city, make sure you try out some of the best things in Toronto: 

Visit the CN Tower 

This 1,815-foot structure once held the title of being the tallest tower in the world, now being next after the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai. The CN Tower was completed back in 1970 and its height helped television and radio broadcast signals go over the skyscrapers. An elevator to the top will only take a minute and you will have access to four observation decks. Surely this is a must-see place to see in the city during your extended stay in Toronto. 

 Distillery District 

During the 1800s, this neighborhood was home to the biggest distilling company in the country. Today, the Distillery District is a pedestrian-only zone with old houses and cobblestones. Travelers will also have a good dose of galleries, cafes, workshops and of course, a brewery. 

Kensington Market 

If you can’t live without shopping during your extended stay in Toronto, the Kensington Market can offer some chaos and adventure for your retail therapy.  It is a busy marketplace that used to be operated by immigrants. You can grab some amazing stuff from here such as vintage items, used books, clothing, collectibles, and delicious food. 

Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum 

Your Toronto stay will be incomplete without visiting the gracious grounds of hockey. This place is a heaven for hockey fans who want to see a Stanley Cup, the stick of Max Bentley and the goalie gear of Terry Sawchuck. You will also be able to see a Puck Wall, a collection of pucks from different tournaments. 

Toronto Island 

Before you end your extended stay in Toronto, you might want to escape from the overwhelming atmosphere of the big city. A quick escape would be the Toronto Islands, just a ferry-ride away from Queen’s Quay. No vehicles are allowed on the islands and it is a great touch of green near an urban setting. You can play sports, bike, stroll around, go boating, skiing, or swimming depending on the season. 

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