3 Tips For Those Looking Into a Short Term Stay in North York

December 21, 2012

There are a number of advantages to going with a short term stay in North York. You get a big apartment instead of a cramped hotel room. You get regular household amenities in your apartment and therefore feel more at home. Most of all, you get to experience the city like a local instead of feeling like a guest. However, if this is your first time looking in to a short term stay, then you should know that it isn’t like getting a hotel. There are a number of different things to consider with a short term stay, but luckily, we have compiled a handy list to help first timers find the right one for them.

  1. It is important to look into who is actually offering the rental. Is it a homeowner who is looking to rent an extra room to help bring in some extra cash? If so, then have they rented before or is this their first time? Either way, they may not necessarily be terribly inclined to help you, preferring to take your money and leaving it at that. Typically, it is a lot easier and a lot safer to go with a larger, more established short term rental organization.
  2. Before inquiring into rentals, make a list of important amenities that you will need in your apartment. You should consider things like internet access, air conditioning, laundry facilities, etc. When checking around for rentals, either verify that the apartment has these amenities via the website or, if there is no website, make sure it is one of the first things that you address in your conversations with the renter.
  3. Verify what sort of support you get while staying in the apartment. Is there any type of customer service available? If so, do they have limited hours? If not, is the property manager easily accessible? It is also important to see if the renter provides helpful advice about the surrounding areas, like where the local market is.

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